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Hello Exit to DOS!

Posted by the_moriarty on 2007.09.30 at 23:08
DOS feels: creativecreative

Long time no jam, due to various excuses too numerous to list - but with some new strings on my guitar, a lighter work roster and a newly revived eagerness to write decent music to rock out to, I desperately want to meet up and play!

Woohoo, I've got two weeks of lots of work, but then a weekend I'm not rostered on for:
Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th October.

Who can jam on one of these days? What day is best? Yeeaheaah, DOS commit!

Also, with my recent softening to myspace I'm feeling like it might not be a bad idea to make one of these for the band after all, what with one DOS imposter already floating around on there. I hear it's all the rage in Paris! That said, what's the group consensus? If anyone votes "no", I'm certainly happy to keep things as is!

Posted by the_plinth on 2007.05.28 at 15:12
I have organised to go to a jazz club on Friday night with David and Madeline. I was thinking maybe you guys would like to come along (it's not licenced.. so BYO food and drinks!) to get some musical inspiration?

By the way... the entrance to the club is a red telephone box.
How cool is that!!


Posted by the_moriarty on 2007.05.23 at 15:49
DOS feels: optimisticoptimistic
DOS plays: Exit to DOS - 15 Minutes of Shame

Let's dooooo it!

More info HERE.

Basically all we'd need to have is a 20 minute set of original songs by the end of the study break. Do you think this is possible?

If I get the ok from every band member, I'm registering us.

Remember: we would not necessarily be in it to win. We would be in it to rock.
Things to do before you die: go in a campus band comp?


Posted by the_plinth on 2007.04.23 at 21:56
DOS plays: The Beatles - She Said, She Said
Anzac day! I will be at the gym in the morning, but an afternoon jam session is OK BY ME!
Even though I should use the day to a) do my physics assignment due Thursday or b) study for my Chem "exam" on Friday.

Also if you're only available in the morning, I don't mind skipping the gym (they're open 9-1)



Posted by the_moriarty on 2007.04.02 at 19:44
This Friday (Good Friday) is one of the two days a year that the museum's closed.
It's also a University holiday.
And hopefully a public holiday at the majority of other workplaces.

So.... who wants to jam this Friday and jam hard?

Jam, jam, jam,.. jam jam jam... jam..

Posted by the_plinth on 2007.03.13 at 21:52

LET'S JAM THIS WEEKEND! Before the excesses of university life take us over (study).

Sunday, anyone? I will be hungover, and that's a GUARANTEE!

I will offer up my house, and I promise if this goes ahead to practice my drumming at least once before Sunday! Now that's good value!


Hello Exit to DOS!

Posted by the_moriarty on 2007.03.12 at 22:44
DOS feels: cheerfulcheerful
DOS plays: Exit to DOS
Please tell me some great ideas for songs, starting.... now!